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2020 Marketing Week Recap

Salve AMA experienced a very successful marketing week this year. We had 307 total participants, with 181 being students. The total faculty and staff attending the event were 7. Many students attended more than one event. Over the course of the week we held 11 events. We had 12 alumni participate, 10 in our Networking Night and two as guest speakers. In addition there were also five additional speakers two in which were faculty and staff. Many faculty participated by encouraging and rewarding students for participating.

We kicked off Marketing Week with a "LinkedIn- building and optimizing your profile" event. We learned how to get the most out of our linkedin account. Salve Regina University's Micheal Wisnewski (the Director of Career Development) led this event. We had 22 attendees. This week we also had many guest speakers. We first had Betty Galligan. She explains her job by using data in marketing and public relations. She spoke in two different classes, one class we had 24 attendees and the other had 23. The next speaker was Daya Ottley, founder of Vocalvze. Daya talked about personal branding and voice communications. Again talked in two different classes both had 26 attendees. Alum Bronya Shillo shared about her launch of the canned mixed cocktail brand Fisher's Island Lemonade! Bronya speaked about how she created and launched this brand and her marketing strategy. We had 26 attendees. Another guest speaker was Allan Langer, who spoke about his best-selling author of "The 7 Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less." For one class we had 39 attendees and the other 47 attendees. Lastly we had Ray Zulauf, Director of NBC Olympic Sales Marketing at NBCUniversal Media who spoke about his career and current position in sport marketing. He came and talked to one class and had 24 participants.

Alumni networking night with 8-10 Salve Regina alumni working in marketing positions.

We heard their stories about their career path, current position, job responsibilities, and their plans for the future. This event was all online through Zoom.Attenders are: Jessica Canova, HR Business Partner at MediaCom;Ashley Gouin, Sr. Proposal Writer, Strategic Deals at North Highland; Alexandra Rossi, Chief of Staff at Rasgo; Ashley Zuena, Sr. Scrum Master at FM Global; Jon Restaino, VP Strategy, Content at Hill Holiday; Luke Hawksley, Regional Sales Rep for GL Sales; Luke Schmueker, Partner at Shacksbury Cider; Megan Kolakowski Coro, Marketing Senior Manager at MarCum LLP; Mike Cassell, Brand and Content Strategist at Mullen-Lowe; Allison Gilson, Marketing Specialist at Sencorp White. We had 48 attendees. There was great student participation and the alumni were great about answering the students questions.

AMA Members Only Event: Learned about HubSpot marketing certifications and how you can add these external certifications to your resume for free! After our review of marketing certifications at HubSpot, hear about the AMA Marketing Certifications Challenge where you can win great prizes! We had four participants. This event was at the end of the week so many people were burnt out or had other commitments.

We conducted an “Active”ity Learning Drive throughout Marketing Week at Salve. The purpose of the drive was to help encourage active learning for students attending school remotely or from home, especially when parents are having to simultaneously work remotely from home. Understanding the struggle that the pandemic has inflicted upon students and parents, Salve’s AMA chapter conducted the “Active”ity Learning Drive to help provide extra resources for those families in need of additional material to help encourage successful learning habits at home. Additionally, the “Active”ity Learning Drive also gathered learning resource activity books, such as sudoku, word finds, etc. for the geriatric populations in local Senior Centers in addition to Hospitals around Aquidneck Island. We placed a box in a central location on campus but with Covid-19 there are rules on campus about where you can hangout and or do homework. Students are not staying on campus after class.

Stephanie Szelest '22


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